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This part of who I am is intended to document my journey of self-exploration. As such, I’ve tried to keep it separate from the other parts of me. In some ways, I have multiple personalities. I think we all do though. There are the ways we interact with family vs. interaction with coworkers vs. interaction with strangers vs. interaction with friends. I think we can try to tell ourselves that we treat everybody the same way, but it’s not really true.


You can go back to the early posts on this blog and see that it is focused, mostly, on who I have become and how I’ve tried to grow. I wanted to share that journey with whoever might be interested, so I started a blog.

As I’ve continued along my path, I’ve also grown that part of me that oversees. That is the Ventures side of LaughingBear. There are several of me, the LaughingBear, including this Journey, and Works and Blog (also known as Getting Ready for What If). The Ventures “personality” is the one that takes care of things like business interests (where applicable) and technical aspects. Things like setting up a web site, maintaining it, adding blogs, tweaking them, and keeping it all straight (that’s the tough part).

For the past few days, Ventures has been updating the web sites and the blogs for all the different parts of Ventures, which are not just LaughingBears. There’s also Ama and Snuggle. Tweaking links, adding references, adding plugins to the blogs, tweaking the look and feel, adding link lists. It’s been just crazy!

I try to look at what Ventures has done and figure out to what part of the Journey it applies. It’s certainly not a “spiritual” endeavor. It’s not an exercise in heightened awareness. But then, this Journey isn’t exclusively about the metaphysical. It’s about growth, too. I have come to firmly believe that if we stop learning, stop trying to expand our minds, we stagnate. Yes, the same is true of our spirits, but I think we can’t ignore the tremendous power our minds can manifest.

So the metaphysical side of me looks across the gray matter to the analytical side of me and says, “Thank you for keeping both sides working.”

Blessings, Love and Peace

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