Rio Milagro Navajo Churro Sheep Farm

Not too long ago I learned of a woman who runs a farm on the other side of the county. Her name is Jennifer and she should be seriously exhausted and drained. I’ve been to the farm and seen how much work is out there. Jennifer is just the opposite! She’s vibrant and bubbly and full of life! I admit, I admire her.

My wife, who manages the local Tractor Supply Co. store, met Jennifer at work. After all, Tractor Supply Co. isn’t only about tractors! There are a number of things Jennifer needs on a regular basis at TSC. One day she was in asking about electric fencing. I had watched the Zareba video and visited the web site. I got a text message from my wife asking what kind of system I would recommend! (ME?!?) Those that know me, know I’ve been a computer geek for the vast majority of my life. Now I’m being asked by a farmer to recommend a farm product?!? Ok, sure! I made my recommendation, with the disclaimer that it’s only based on theory.

Suffice to say, Jennifer accepted the recommendation, along with the add-on sales from my wife, and installed a perimeter to protect her sheep from what appeared to be a local predator. The sitings, which were more “hearings” of growls and bleats, stopped! Jennifer was happy and I was relieved. I hate to give advice on something that I’m vaguely familiar with and then have the person come and say it either didn’t work right, or worse, was a miserable failure and they’re out all that money! So, yay! lol

You can see the plastic standoffs toward the left of this image. Those hold the line that carries the current of the fence. Oh yeah, you can also see the variety in these beautiful ewes, and a couple of the lambs. 🙂

It wasn’t long after that we were invited to come visit. Ok, remember me, city boy? Yeah, I at least went out wearing a pair of farm-compatible boots. My wife wore her walking shoes. But you know, it’s ok! I have a pocket knife and now a stiff brush. I can clean the sheep off our shoes! The aroma takes a little longer. In fact, I have a couple pair of shoes sitting on the porch right now that need attention.

Ewes in the foreground, rams in the background. Yes, the girls outnumber the boys pretty heavily.

Here’s one of the new lambs, a baby ram. Look how full his fleece is already!

More variety than I would have ever expected from sheep, even after seeing the web site.

And babies (lambs) running all around the pen!

Our first visit was all about getting acquainted. Which we did! The sheep are amazing. They’re beautiful. Their fleece is SO thick it’s waterproof. So much so, they don’t get water to their skin which means they stay warm even in snow and rain. They are without a doubt incredible creatures. It’s fun to watch them. Just sit and watch. Our visit came after several lambs had been added to the herd, and yes, I’ll say it, THEY’RE TOO CUTE!!!

Yes, that’s my wife stepping in and picking up one of the little ones.

How could you not love such a little face!

We ended our visit to allow Jennifer to get back to work, but not until after sharing a cup of tea and looking at some of the shorn fleece. Washing to remove the dirt and some of the lanolin makes these former sheep-coats incredibly soft, dense and lustrous. Luster varies from sheep to sheep and is a sign of the Churro Sheep bloodlines.

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