The Yard Beckons

For several months now, I’ve been looking at the piles of dirt, the holes left from last summer and the dead weeds covering the yard. Every time I thought I had the gumption to go out and deal with it, it would be too cold. Too cloudy. Too much work that I didn’t really want to try to do. Well, today the temperature rose all the way to 70F/21.1C. Still I didn’t go out. I took some stuff down to the basement. Organized a bit. Tested my mini-lanterns. Looked at the yard as I passed from the porch to the basement door. “I gotta get on that.” I’ve told myself that every time I’ve gone outside for the last four months.

Well, this afternoon, practically evening, I looked out the door and something kicked me in the butt and I went out. I headed to the shed, which I’ve avoided because of all the “dead” goatheads, and retrieved my ground tools. The heavy duty rake, the mini leaf rake, the two short handle shovels, the hoe and the tamper. They’re all leaning against the back of the house for the night, waiting for me to pay attention to them tomorrow.

I even put the mini leaf rake to work. Why would I need a mini leaf rake? It turns out that it’s just about the ideal tool for gathering the rocks that are supposed to be the xeriscaping! I can drag them pretty easily into a pile, in this case a berm. I have a walkway from the porch to the basement door that is cleared of weeds and rocks now. That’s how I’m going to start. Well sorta. I’m going to focus on the small patch between the house and my path. I have a plan that I think will work.

I have errands to run, my usual Friday trip to the post office and maybe a run to Walmart. Contemplating doing those early while it’s still on the cool side. We’ll see how my “plan” works.

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