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Here you'll see various designs and fabrics that have already been created. All our pillows, whether in stock or made to order, are made with prayer and smudged. You are assured in every case of a pillow made in A Good Way.

What differentiates a pillow from Ama's Originals? Well, for starters they are rarely of a "standard" size. Some could be characterized as throw pillows, others as something else. You'll see pillows here designed to be used as decoration and others for use on a bed. We also have "blank" pillows in our unusual sizes and shapes which require a pillowcase. Pillowcases are also available.

The half-pillow you see below was designed by Laughing Bear. It's a simple concept really. On a "normal" pillow, your head is really only ever on a very small portion. There's usually quite a bit of pillow between your head and the headboard or wall. If, like Laughing Bear, you are five feet ten inches tall, or more, your feet have the annoying tendency to hang off the end of a full size bed! (He doesn't have this problem on queen or king size because they are longer.) So, he tried making a narrower pillow to see if it would work. It does!

Laughing Bear actually uses the two pillows in the animal print, switching between them when the desire comes over him. He claims to be sleeping more comfortably and more deeply with these pillows than combinations of "regular" pillows.

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What's Happening!


May 2014: AmaShash and LaughingBear start making soap!

January 2014: AmaShash becomes a book reviewer and start her blog - Snuggle Books.

August 2013: AmaShash begins a new journey with Tractor Supply Co.

January 2012: Laughing Bear Ventures relocates from Fresno, CA to Bayard, NM

March 2011: Laughing Bear Ventures launches Ama's Originals and Laughing Bear Works on the World Wide Web

March 2011: Laughing Bear Ventures creatues Twitter accounts for Laughing Bear Works and Ama's Originals

March 2011: Laughing Bear Ventures creates business pages for Laughing Bear Works and Ama's Originals on Facebook

March 2011: Ama's Originals appears on the World Wide Web

February 2011: Laughing Bear Ventures launches Ama's Originals. A line of products created by Ama Shash.

Februaruy 2011: Laughing Bear Ventures begins startup operations.


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