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How Did Ama's Originals Come To Be?

We'll let Ama tell the story:

"It starts with how I came to love the flute and ends … ??? Since the ending hasn’t been written yet I will start with how it came to be here. My first encounter with a Native American flute was a CD from Wal-Mart. Spirit Flutes by David Maracle was a bastion of calm in a crazy work day. I found it in the furniture department where I worked and would play the sample over and over, calming frazzled nerves. Sometime later I went to a performance at the Mashantucket Pequot Museum, the Winter Festival. Robert Mirabal and his brother Patrick were there. The power, beauty and spirit of that performance blew me away. We went back the next day for the second performance and to this day you will find In the Blood more often than not in my CD player.

Laughing Bear, who unlike me has musical talent, began looking at the flutes when we were at powwow and at the Museum gift shop. He eventually bought one. I will just say that much like potato chips you cannot have just one. The question then becomes how do you protect and transport flutes. Laughing Bear started simply with deer hide wraps and leather thong ties. As his collection grew and the desire to take more than one with him grew it became clear that another solution was needed. This is where my modest sewing skills come in. It started with a simple drawstring bag and has progressed to the offerings you see on my web site."

And so the story continues. Ama grows in her Spirit, and it is reflected in her work. We hope you enjoy!

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In May of 2014, Ama discovered a new passion! With a little research, she found a vendor of soap making supplies. She has now embarked on yet another journey of creativity!

What's Happening!


May 2014: AmaShash and LaughingBear start making soap!

January 2014: AmaShash becomes a book reviewer and start her blog - Snuggle Books.

August 2013: AmaShash begins a new journey with Tractor Supply Co.

January 2012: Laughing Bear Ventures relocates from Fresno, CA to Bayard, NM

March 2011: Laughing Bear Ventures launches Ama's Originals and Laughing Bear Works on the World Wide Web

March 2011: Laughing Bear Ventures creatues Twitter accounts for Laughing Bear Works and Ama's Originals

March 2011: Laughing Bear Ventures creates business pages for Laughing Bear Works and Ama's Originals on Facebook

March 2011: Ama's Originals appears on the World Wide Web

February 2011: Laughing Bear Ventures launches Ama's Originals. A line of products created by Ama Shash.

Februaruy 2011: Laughing Bear Ventures begins startup operations.


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