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Leather Drum Case Prototype by Shashdlohi

This drum case prototype started out as a rough idea that Ama Shash had for a drum bag to be made from fabric. As the design developed in LaughingBear's mind, it became apparent that it might work in rawhide and buckskin. Once the "pieces" solidified in his head, LaughingBear began the task of calculating the dimensions, for his hand drum, and determining how best to also protect the drum. As a result, there is a flannel "liner" into which the drum slips. This liner can also be removed with the drum, to protect it when placing it on various surfaces.

The drum case itself is not as sturdy as LaughingBear had hoped. However, the two types of leather used appear to be complementary and binding them with sinew gives an added touch of rustic charm. The hinge for the top of the flap is made by sewing a piece of buckskin between the rawhide pieces. This makes for a very flexible hinge, but not very sturdy.

In the final picture, you can see the prototype with a shoulder strap attached. Again, since this is the prototype, there will likely be modifications to the design to increase strength and flexibility.

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The LaughingBear Works Drum Case Prototype

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