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LaughingBear Works Native American Art Disclaimer

In the United States the term "Indian Art" has a specific meaning in the law. The Indian Arts and Craft Act of 1990, Public Law 101-644, is a truth in advertising law that prohibits misrepresentation in marketing of Indian arts and crafts products within the United States. It is illegal to offer, sell, or display for sale any art or craft product in a manner that falsely suggests it is Indian produced, an Indian product, or the product of a particular Indian or Indian tribe or Indian arts and crafts organization, resident within the United States. NONE OF THE ARTS OR CRAFTS ON THE PAGES OF THIS WEB SITE IS "INDIAN ART", AS DEFINED BY PUBLIC LAW 101-644.

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LaughingBear makes no claim of Indian rights or affiliation. While he does carry DNA markers indicating native ancestry, he is not a recognized member of any tribe or arts and crafts organization.

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